Subreddit Anti-Toxicity Initiative

Our own studies have found only around 1 in 15 uncivil, rule-breaking comments are reported by users -- we can help fix that. We work with moderators of subreddits big and small to help flag and moderate toxic, uncivil, or hateful content online. Through our Anti-Toxicity initiative, we'll develop customized profiles and thresholds integrated with our flagship API to help find potentially toxic content using AI - at absolutely no cost.

We work closely with our subreddit partners to fit their needs and reduce false positives. Solutions may involve automated removal of content above a certain threshold, or simply reporting the post to moderators for review. We've had great success in assisting the moderation of tens of millions of users and hundreds of thousands of comments a day.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to add your bot as a moderator? What permissions do you need?
Nope! We can work under a variety of configurations. If you'd like our system to just report comments, flagging them for review, we run directly as a normal user, with no special permissions needed. If you'd like us to assist with automated removal, we would need to be added as a moderator to your subreddit. We can do both, too!

What data do you collect?
We try to be as minimally intrusive as possible. Our API does not log or collect any data. By default, we do log any content our bot detects as "toxic" so we can review and reduce false positives, but you can opt-out of this easily.

Will this flood our moderation queue?
It depends -- we detect a lot of content that otherwise goes unreported, so you may see a large increase in the volume of reports/actions taken in the moderation queue. However, we take great care to ensure that false positives are minimized as much as possible. Typically, 95-98% of content in your report queue will be comments that are indeed rule-breaking and removable. We can also set configurable confidence thresholds to increase/decrease the number of total reports, and find a balance between false-positives and false-negatives.

Does this cost anything?
Nope! ModerateHatespeech is a nonprofit project studying + fighting hate speech online. We're funded by grants and donations, and this is one of our free initiatives.

What are the next steps? How long does onboarding take?
Just visit our portal, sign in with your Reddit account and activate our bot on the subreddits you moderate! If you'd like us to remove content over a certain threshold, invite u/toxicitymodbot on Reddit as a moderator to your subreddits.