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Past 24 hours

Toxicity on Reddit as measured by a percentage of sampled comments classified as toxic by our machine learning API. We stream and analyze ~10,000 comments an hour randomly sampled from r/all in realtime.

r/all excludes certain subreddits, predominantly NSFW subreddits which prevents index from being an completely precise measure of trends in hate on Reddit. In general though, this does serve as a proxy for overall activity. Because the comments seen be each user are algorithmically personalized based on a variety of factors by Reddit, this is not a proxy for the percentage of toxicity the 'average' Reddit user would be exposed to.

Toxic is defined as "threats, extreme obscenity, insults, and identity-based hate" (Learn More).

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5,564,877Comments analyzed in the past 28 days

62,857,164Comments analyzed since inception