We provide a hosted Discord bot for easy integration. We only require non-intrusive, read + send message permissions on your server(s). Add the bot below:

Add to Server

Alternatively, if you'd like to self-host / customize the bot, we've provided the code and installation instructions below.


We scan all submitted messages for hateful content via Toxicity Moderation API, and flag messages above a configured threshold for further review. The following commands are avaliable to manage the bot (users must "ban_member" permissions to access these commands):

$cminit [#channel] [threshold]
Configure the channel to send reports to, and confidence level (from 0 to 1) to report at

$status [enabled|disabled]
Enable or disable message reports


Per our Privacy Policy, we do not store or log any submitted content, so rest assured the confidentiality of your conversations are secure.


Required Libraries:

apt-get install python3
pip3 install discord.py requests

Required config.json file:

  "bot_token": "DISCORD_BOT_TOKEN",
  "channel_id": "CHANNEL_ID_FOR_REPORTS",
  "threshold": CONFIDENCE_THRESHOLD (float)

Pass the Channel ID of the channel you want flagged messages to be sent to. Because this setting is set per bot-instance, we do not recommend using a self-hosted bot on more than one server / runtime. Our hosted version runs a slightly modified version to mitigate this issue.